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Deck flooring

Choosing the right kind of deck flooring is very important. When choosing the type of flooring, outdoor resilience is key. In this article we will be exploring different flooring materials to help you decide which is right for you

Wood as Deck flooring

Wooden flooring has been used for many centuries for outdoor flooring. However, wood being a natural material, is prone to rot which can damage the flooring. Additionally,

Installation of traditional wooden flooring requires the usage of glue. The glue used contains formaldehyde which is known to cause leukemia and benzene which is a pollutant. Therefore, unless the deck is shielded from the rain, wooden flooring is not ideal.

IPE flooring as Deck Flooring

Ipe is a type of hardwood from South America. Its durability and natural resistance to rot allow it to be used as for outdoor decks. Ipe wood is quite expensive which could be a determining factor when choosing deck flooring. Additionally, ipe wood is hard to work with which drives up installation costs. These factors make ipe flooring overall very expensive..

Vinyl flooring

Vinyl floor tiles have seen a rise in popularity since the invention of vinyl flooring. The most commonly used vinyl flooring is SPC vinyl flooring. SPC vinyl flooring, being made of man made materials, makes it extremely durable. The waterproof nature of PVC also allows vinyl flooring to be waterproof. SPC vinyl flooring comes in many designs and colours and can even reproduce a wooden flooring design. Therefore, the most budget friendly option is using vinyl planks as Deck Flooring.


To conclude, if you must have wooden flooring for your deck flooring, go for ipe wood flooring or other kinds of treated wood. Ensure that they are free of formaldehyde and benzene as these chemicals can be released when exposed to the sun. If you are looking for a low maintenance and budget friendly option, vinyl flooring would be ideal. Vinyl flooring is able to replicate a wooden design if a wooden facade is desired.


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