Kitchen floor tiles

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Kitchen Floor Tiles

Choosing the right kind of flooring for your kitchen is very important. When choosing kitchen floor tiles, water proofness and fire proofness should be the main priority. In this article we will be exploring different kitchen floor tiles to help you decide which is right for you.

Ceramic floor tiles

Ceramic tile flooring is one of the most commonly used kitchen floor tiles. It can be seen in many households across the world. Ceramic tiles are also water and fireproof, two qualities that are important in the kitchen. Ceramic tile is quite durable but falls short in drop resistance as heavy objects can cause it to crack. The grout that is required by ceramic tile can also be hard to clean. Ceramic tiles conduct heat quite well. This could create an uncomfortable foot feel as the tiles would be very cold to the touch in the morning. Despite its shortcomings, ceramic tile has been used for kitchen floorings as the tile design is sought after.

Vinyl floor tiles

Vinyl floor tiles have seen a rise in popularity since the invention of vinyl flooring. The most commonly used vinyl flooring is SPC vinyl floor tiles. SPC vinyl flooring, like ceramic tile flooring, is water and fireproof. Additionally, the SPC rigid core allows it to be drop resistant.


Maintaining kitchen vinyl flooring is much easier than other kinds of kitchen flooring. Unlike kitchen ceramic tile flooring, kitchen vinyl flooring does not have grout. Kitchen vinyl flooring can be easily cleaned using a vacuum cleaner, mop and or broom. No special cleaning tools needed. Kitchen vinyl flooring can also reproduce the look and feel of other kitchen flooring types. Different designs such as stone and wood can be printed on the top PVC vinyl layer. Kitchen vinyl flooring also has anti-slip properties to help prevent slips and falls in a wet environment. Therefore, kitchen vinyl flooring is an ideal choice for kitchen flooring.


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