Mosaic flooring

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Mosaic Flooring

Mosaic glass tiles are most commonly used for walls and countertops. They can also be used as flooring to create attractive mosaic patterns.

Advantages and Disadvantages


Mosaic flooring comes in a wide range of colours and designs that can help to brighten up your home. Different colours can be used to create a symbol or they can be arranged to create a repeating pattern. It is relatively easy to clean. It is non-porous and is resistant to spills, stains and mold. They also highlight dirt which allows for easy cleaning. 


Mosaic flooring is one of the more costly flooring types. Solid coloredstyles are the cheapest with designs and repeating patterns costing much more. It is also easily scratched. If you have children at home or furniture that needs to be moved often, you need to ensure that they do not scratch your flooring. Being made of glass, it can also crack and break into shards that can hurt your feet.

Maintenance of Mosaic Flooring

Mosaic tiles are easy to clean as they are made of glass and can be mopped or swept. However, they can be easily scratched which would create flaws in the façade. Breakage can also occur which would require it to be replaced as glass shards can be harmful to your feet.


Mosaic tile flooring has high material costs due to the different colors and designs that the tiles are available in. If you opt for complex colors or patterns, it can in turn incur extra costs. Additionally, professional installation is needed to ensure that the adhesive is not visible through the tiles. Repairs and replacements also need to be done by a professional. These can also drive up costs. Therefore, if you are opting for mosaic, ensure that you understand the associated costs involved with cost price and installation.


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