Vinyl flooring prices

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Vinyl flooring prices

SPC Vinyl flooring has increased in popularity since its inception due to a multitude of reasons. It’s relatively easy installation allowed it to have an edge over tile flooring which needed wet sand and cement. The lack of grout also gave it an edge as maintenance did not require extra effort. In terms of maintenance, vinyl flooring also did not need to be polished like marble or tile. All of these factors allow vinyl prices to be lower than most flooring types.

Vinyl Flooring vs Carpet Prices

Carpet flooring prices and SPC vinyl prices are very similar. However, when factoring in design, maintenance and installation, carpet flooring has been known to cost more. SPC vinyl flooring’s low maintenance combined with lower average material cost has led it to be one of the most common flooring types.

Vinyl Flooring vs Ceramic floor tiles Prices

SPC vinyl prices and ceramic floor tiles prices are similar. Where they differ is in the installation process. While both need professional installation, ceramic tiles require wet works. Wet cement and sand need to be mixed together to stick the tiles to the floor which increase material cost, installation time and labour costs.

SPC Vinyl Flooring vs Wood flooring

The determining factor for wood flooring is the quality and type of wood used which directly affect the cost. Vinyl flooring mostly being made of manmade materials such as PVC allow it to have a much lower material cost. Installation of wood flooring also comes with high costs as it needs to be glued down. Compared to SPC vinyl flooring that has interlocking tiles that allow it to click into place and does not need glue to be installed.


When choosing flooring, design, material properties and quality and foot feel are important. Vinyl flooring is able to replicate the designs of different flooring types. In addition, it also has a soft foot feel due to the type of material that vinyl is made of. Ultimately, if budget is a priority, vinyl flooring should definitely be considered. After all, vinyl flooring prices are more affordable. This has allowed vinyl to be one of the most popular modern flooring types

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