Wood Grain Tile

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What is wood grain tile? 

Wood grain tile or wood-like tile are tiles that look like wood. Different colours and styles are available and typically come in the shape of a plank


Traditional wooden flooring is prone to termites and rot. Being a natural material, it absorbs water which if not treated, allows rot to set in. It is also prone to termites which eat and destroy wood. SPC vinyl tiles has often been used to replicate wooden flooring. It is made of manmade PVC which allows it to be resistant to rot and termites. It is also more resilient. Unlike wood, SPC vinyl can withstand heavy foot traffic and sudden heavy impacts for many years. 

Installation of Wood Grain Tile

Installing traditional wooden flooring requires the usage of glue. These glue usually contains formaldehyde which is known to cause leukemia and benzene is a pollutant. Therefore these wood-like tiles are much easier to install and are less harmful. SPC vinyl wood grain tiles use interlocking ridges to secure them together. They are placed on the floor and lined up so that the ridges interlock. No glue is required.

Maintenance of Wood Grain Tile

Maintaining wood grain tiles or wood like tiles made using SPC vinyl is simple. The water resistant nature of PVC vinyl allows it to be mopped or vacuumed. No specialised tools or professionals needed.


The determining factor for wood flooring is the quality and type of wood used. The quality and type directly affect the cost. Vinyl flooring are mostly made of manmade materials such as PVC allow it to have a much lower material cost. Installation of wood flooring also comes with high costs as it needs to be glued down. Compared to SPC vinyl flooring that has interlocking tiles that allow it to click into place and does not need glue to be installed.


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